<Fiona> Ditto Kathy, I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a Joyous and Peaceful New Year
<Reefer_Jim> On this Christmas Eve I would like to wish you all and your families a very merry Christmas and a
<Reefer_Jim> Happy New Year
<Ponytail> We're probably finishing 2005 with 1/2 the normal rainfall.
<blitz> Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone see ya in the new year
<David> Hey all, Have a ripper New Year, hope its all good
<Janet> Happy New Year everyone!
<greenighs> I like to come here when David and Tracy are out and rearrange the furniture.
<David> lol Terri
<David> doh, Clare
<seahorseplanet> hello
<Fiona> Hello everyone!!!
<Fiona> Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie friends
<David> Thanks Fee, I had a ripper, sunburt an all, how was yours
<Fiona> Quiet actually Dave, just tried to keep cool, what a hottie :P
<Hai_Ma> Hello everybody
<Fiona> Hi Hai_Ma, Welcome to Syng.org nice to have you aboard
<saxman> hey Greenie, this sofa is HEAVY!!!
<Janet> To all members celebrating a birthday in Feb. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
<silverseahorse> Haha... I'm Terri! Greenie is Clare
<David> Yea yea, so I oopsied, lol
<Janet> Happy Valentine's Day .
<saxman> backatcha, Janet!
<Reefer_Jim> Lets have a St. Valentines Day Masacere
<Janet> Jim, might be more fun to just OD on chocolate.
<Janet> Hi gang, it's almost chat time again. Come join us for a little fun chat.
<Fiona> Chocolate...mmmmmm :P
<David> Ohhhh my hed
<Janet> Hey Mike, congrats on the new baby! Wonderful news!
<David> New Baby ????, cum on, spill the beans mate
<Janet> David, I know one thing, Mike said in chat this is a little "human" fry.