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DavidChats up n running.
Posted on 06/22/06 10:05 AM
Posted by David

Thanks to John we now have our chat/coffee/beer room again.

Kewl ay

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Sea-Dragons (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus/Phycodurus eques/Haliichthys taeniophorus)
5 - Join to view the galleries!The Majestic Sea-Dragons are endemic to Australian Waters.  There are 3 genera, two being temperate and one tropical.  All the males carry their eggs exposed on the tail and can carry up to 300 eggs at any one time.

While they are not available for the hobbyist because of the difficulties in keeping them successfully in small aquariums the opportunity is there to share the experience at most of the larger public viewing aquariums around the world where they have been kept for up to 10 years. bitcoin

Seahorses (Hippocampus sp.)
18 week old juveniles - Join to view the galleries!Seahorses are the better known members of the Syngnathid Family, and are some of the most unusual fishes in existence due to their extraordinary biology and the myths which surround them.

Seahorses belong to the genus Hippocampus which includes approximately 50 different currently-recognized species ranging in size from 2cm to 30cm.  The Seahorses name, Hippocampus inspires intrigue - translated from the Greek words "hippo" meaning horse, and "kampos" meaning sea-monster.  Ironically it is their uniqueness that makes them so sought after.

Pipefish and Ghost Pipes (Syngnathus and Solenostomus sp.)
pipeHead2Lg - Join to view the galleries!Pipefishes, aptly named because of their long tubular bodies, are also a member of the Syngnathid family.  There are 55 genera that include more than 320 difference species.  Pipefish can vary in size from 2cm to a massive 65cms.  The pipefish also shares the unique reproductive characteristic of the Seahorse and Sea Dragon where the males get pregnant!  The female deposits the eggs in either a pouch, interlocking skin flaps, or attaches them to the tail or underbelly of the pipefish, where he fertilises the eggs and carries them, finally giving birth to live young.

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